Friday, August 20, 2010

The Campaign Begins

The last day for filing for mayor was Tuesday, August 17, so it has past and I am an official candidate for Mayor of Olivia.  Our current Mayor, Bill Miller is not running for re-election after 16 years.  He was instrumental in my running.  He mentioned the possibility to me at my retirement party.  Taking on another job wasn't on my radar at that time.  Since my January retirement, I have discovered a lot about myself.  Most interesting is that I truly enjoy interacting with people.  I thought I would become a solitary writer upon retirement, but that is not me.  (Mostly a surprise to me, but not my friends and family).  So now I am in the race and would like to share all the talents I acquired during my 25 years at the public library with the position of Mayor of Olivia.  I will update this blog as I continue to campaign.

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