Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Campaigning on a beautiful day

It was a sunny day in Olivia today so I got out on my bike and made a few stops around town to visit with people.  The response was positive.  There are many very nice people in this small, rural town and I enjoy them.  As I biked by the golf course, it was busy, it was Tuesday, Men's Day and I again thought how fortunate we are to have this exceptional course right in our city.  This was going to be my summer to golf, but with 2 surgeries it was not meant to be, but I will be out next summer and look forward to enjoying a manicured lawn that I only have to look at. 
I biked over to the north side today and felt that I could have stayed outdoors all afternoon.  What a treat to be able to bike around town.  Olivia is really a pretty town.

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