Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Neighborly Help

The infrastructure project continues to move along nicely with the weather’s cooperation.  There are a couple of points that were recently brought to the city council’s attention.  If street work does not allow for the usually pick up of your garbage and/or recycling, the construction manager should make arrangements with West Central Sanitation for alternate pickup.  If you have not been notified of this, please ask street workers about it.  It might also be helpful, if one person on the block is able to share that information with your neighbors and even offer to take their garbage can and/or recycling to the new pickup location.  If there are elderly on your block, it would be a neighborly kindness to do this and also return the empty containers to them.  I realize this street work is inconvenient and I hope we can all work together to make it less so.  Just like snowstorms and summer storms bring out the best in our community, it is my optimistic expectation that this project will bring out the best of our citizens. 

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