Monday, January 30, 2012

League of Minnesota Cities Conference

Last weekend I attended a League of Minnesota Conference in the Twin Cities.  It was for Experienced Elected Officials and the program topic was Shared Leadership during Challenging Times.  There were close to 200 people attending from all over Minnesota from all different size cities.  As we met in small groups and visited at breaks and meals it was clear that no matter what the size of the city the issues are remarkably similar.  All cities have to provide more services with less money, do more with less.  All cities have land use issues.  All cities have challenges engaging residents in issues and inviting citizens to participating in boards, commissions and other volunteer activities in their communities.  All cities have to be aware to not let civic policy be determined by the most vocal but smallest majority of the populace.  We as elected officials have the responsibility to provide for all the citizens and sustain the quality of life that we have come to expect in our community. 
This was a most insightful workshop as the city starts on the process of selecting a new city administrator.  The Council will be reviewing the screened applications this week.  We are scheduled to interview 5-6 candidates in mid-February.  There were 70 applicants for this position.  

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