Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back from Blandin

I’ve just completed the Blandin Community Leadership Program.  I feel like the astronaut who has come back from an amazing space experience.  I can just say WOW!  What fabulous resources we have in these Renville County people.  It was “amazingville!”  I want to thank all the people who encouraged me to participate in this program, Chris Hettig and Bob Porath especially.  It is a privilege to attend this superb program and we in Renville County have a core group of outstanding people who are posed to lead our community into the future.  Among the many practical applications of framing issues and ideas, mobilizing resources, and building relationships we were given the opportunity to understand ourselves and our personalities and communications style.  Understanding how one’s style of communicating may be interpreted by another and how that plays out in small groups, is an educational experience.  After all, most of us do our work in small groups. How we interact in small groups is vital is to their success.   There were also some new friendships made, some old friendships renewed, acquaintances that became stronger, bonds than will never be broken, memories that will last a lifetime and learning that will benefit each individual and each community, but especially Renville County. As I said the night of the banquet, when I see this group of people and what they have to offer and what they are willing to share I am so confident of the future of our community and Renville County. I am honored to be among them.  Thank you to all who participated. 

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