Saturday, August 25, 2012

New technology

One of the first initiatives I began when I became Mayor in Jan. 2011 was to start a Technology Committee to develop an overall plan than would include website, cable, and future digital connectivity with Olivia residents.  As I write this column each week I realize I am continually seeking that communication with people.  I have written a column for this newspaper for many years.  25 years for the library and now over 1.5 years as mayor.  This is a popular, but somewhat one-side mode of conversation, much like a lecture or sermon.  With new technology we can improve on that conversation. 
I realize that some people are very comfortable with these traditional modes of communications but I am a closet geek and if time and money permitted I would have every new tech toy available.  I could get lost in all that new technology and forget the mantra that “all these new tools should work for you not you for them”.  As the city moves toward the optimum methods to connect with residents as conveniently as possible, looking at all options is in our best interests.  Some people use cell phones, not land lines.  More people use the internet for information not necessarily newspapers or television.  How do we reach all these people with timely city information?  The city has to keep up with all these technologies and peoples busy lives. We will be exploring all those options.  The city’s technology committee has been working updating the website and the city council chambers.  All this research takes time.  We look forward to this improved communication soon.  Stay tuned for updates.  

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