Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Assessment Hearing

I would like to thank everyone that attended the Public Improvement Hearing on Wednesday, January 19. My goal for the evening was threefold. First, I wanted our excellent engineer, Dave Palm to explain this expansive project in its scope, range and purpose. He did an admirable job. Secondly, I wanted to answer all questions from those in attendance. That also was accomplished. Thirdly I wanted the entire evening to be a respectful example of democracy. Each citizen has the right to be heard in a sensitive and courteous manner. We, speaking for council and city administration, do not have all the answers, but we shared those answers we did know and will make every effort to investigate the questions we were unable to answer Wednesday night. As I stated in my opening remarks, these is the largest infrastructure project the city as undertaken and we are in the citizen input phase. No decision has been made about the project yet. The discussion to do all of it, a portion of it, or none of it is still very much on the table. As mayor, I truly appreciate people sharing their thoughts. That being said, I and the rest of the council have a responsibility to all citizens to make our best decision taking into account all these remarks. I especially appreciate people who can see past their own personal interest and discuss the project and what is represents to the entire city and its future. This project has been discussed and reviewed for many years. We will make the best decision possible for all the citizens of Olivia, using all the resources available to us.

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