Saturday, January 8, 2011

Renville County Register first column

Renville County Register - 1st column
It was just one year ago I was writing the last of my weekly library news columns for this paper. Here I am again writing another column from a different perspective. I said when I retired from the library that it was my privilege to be librarian for the last 25 years. I feel the same way in my new role. It is truly my privilege to be mayor of this city. I am humbled and honored by it. I am not a native Olivia resident. I was born and raised in St. Paul, actually I am a big city gal who has come to love the small town rural lifestyle. Olivia has many wonderful people, especially our outgoing mayor, Bill Miller and city council person, Chuck Brown. If not for their hard work, I doubt I would have considered getting into this position. We owe them a great deal of admiration and respect.
Speaking of respect, I laud all our city crews who have plowed us all out during this winter of weekly snowfalls. They were out working hard even in the rain of last week. I can't imagine how much worse our streets would be. I regularly visit St. Paul, Minneapolis and a couple of the suburbs and I am always happy to get back to Olivia where the streets are plowed so well.
As we hit January cold weather please check on your neighbors as the elements might make it difficult for some to get out. Also remember our pets are just as sensitive to cold so don't leave them out too long. This winter has been a beautiful one as long as everyone takes the precautions we know we need to in cold and snowy weather.
Happy New Year and I look forward to being mayor of our wonderful small town.

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