Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Snow & technology committee

We have a 3 &1/2 foot St. Francis statute in our backyard and it is now completely covered by the snow. I thought we might make it through this winter with snow only up to his chin. With our week-long thaw he was doing well. Then the snow event of 2/20-2/21 happened and St. Francis has disappeared. With the March sun and more minutes of daylight, it is hoped that St. Francis will soon reappear.
The city is creating a technology committee and citizens who have an interest in computer technologies and the Internet are invited to apply. I believe the city should be looking at connecting with our citizens in as many channels as possible which would include the Internet and perhaps social media. It would be the charge of this committee to make recommendations to the council on the future direction of technology. I would like the city website and cable channel to be part of this conversation. All interested citizens should stop by city hall for an application or contact me via email (smhilgert@gmail.com) and I'll email an application to you.

Congratulations to Brent Richards on the re-opening of Hi Tech Services. I was at the ribbon-cutting and noticed the latest titles are in and available. It is bright and clean and the staff is very friendly. So when the snow falls and the wind blows, stop by and pick up a couple of movies. Making popcorn and watching flicks is a great way to spend a cold winter night.

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