Friday, February 18, 2011

Notes from Mayor

A very heartfelt good luck to all the high school students participating in end-of-season playoffs and tournaments. The BOLD Divas start the action with their appearance at the State Tournament this last week. There are so many extracurricular activities during this time of year, it is impossible to take them all in. It is so enjoyable to watch our young people participate. The enthusiasm they show illustrates why I enjoy high school activities so much. Good luck to all.
A huge thank you to all the local people who sang for the local Kiwanis Valentine Days Singers. They always do wonderfully and all the money raised goes back to our community in a variety of ways. Of course, I am prejudice because I belong to Kiwanis. It is a marvelous service organization and meets every Thursday at noon at Masters (week 1 & 2 of month) and Pizza Ranch (week 3 & 4 of month). Please contact me if you are interested in joining us.

Infrastructure Update: Community members have asked about expanding the holding pond into a body of water that would be deep enough to stock fish and create a fishing pond with a nature area access. The idea definitely has merit but of course the cost is a consideration. The city council is weighting this option along with the entire project. A decision on this project will need to be approved by the council with a vote coming sometime in the first weeks of March.

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