Friday, July 15, 2011

Clean up continues...

With Corn Capital Days only a week away there is lots of work to be done.  The city crews are still cleaning up from the storm.  I ask your help.  If you are able to get your brush and 4” tree limbs out to the compost site, please do so.  The compost site is open 24 hours a day for our residents to bring their brush.  Also I encourage people that burn wood to ask homeowners about bigger branches and trees and make use of this free firewood.  We need to continue to help our neighbors as was so apparent immediately after the storm.  The city crews will not be cleaning up alleys.  Please arrange to bring to compost site or lawn-side of curb.  It will be picked up when time permits.  The city usually spends a week getting ready for Corn Capital Days so you can understand the work-pressure our crews and staff are under.  I would also ask that brush not be placed in the street.   A rainstorm would cause it to clog our drains and create an enormous amount of work to clean up.  Our storm drains do not need additional help to clog.  Please place brush on your boulevard.  I know the comments about grass, but we all know that grass recovers very quickly.  Thank you to all the homeowners who have cleaned up and transported their trees and brush.

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