Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Mess With Mother Nature

July came in with a gust from Mother Nature. We are so thankful there were no serious injuries. Clean up will take a while, however. Our city crews were promptly out after the storm taking care of what needed to be done. We are grateful and fortunate to have these wonderful people working and living in Olivia. Everyone is doing a terrific job of cleaning up trees and brush. Neighbors helping neighbors stories abounded within Olivia. City crews worked through the 4th of July Holiday. It will take 2-3 weeks just to make one pass through the whole city.
There has been some discussion of local boulevards and what trees the city will take down. The width of individual boulevards depends on the size of your street. There are 8 different street widths in Olivia so boulevards will vary. To receive the correct information call city hall and they will tell you your boulevard size. There is a formula for this and they will calculate it quickly for you. Regardless of the ownership of these broken trees, lets get them taken care in the safest manner. The city crews have more than enough to do especially getting ready for Corn Capital Days. Nester Park was especially hard hit and will need lots of clean up. Feel free to stop by Nester or Henton with a rake and help clean up the parks before our city celebration.
Corn Capital Days is right around the corner, the t-shirts are at local retailers, brochures are out, raffle tickets are out and are $5.00 each. Most Chamber members have them, I do also, and if you wish to sell a book see Nancy at the Chamber Office. For more information and forms for the various activities including the parade visit
It's good to have Council member Al Houdek on the mend from a recent medical emergency. Our thoughts and prayers were with him.

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