Friday, July 1, 2011

"Grand Dog" Sitting

As I am writing this, we are watching our “granddog”, Cali. She has her head on my leg as I work on the computer. There hasn't been a dog in our house for quite a few years, but previous to that I could count on one hand the number of years I've lived without a dog. When one gets older and the children have moved out, it is nice to be only responsible for yourself. No rushing home to walk the dog or let the dog out or feed the dog. No dog hair on the carpet, no tripping over tennis balls in the kitchen. There are many reasons to enjoy the freedom of not having a dog. So why do we do it? After spending a few hours with this pooch I think I have some of the answers. Never have I been greeted with as much enthusiasm as this dog gives me. I just went outside to hang clothes on the line and am greeted on my return as if I was gone for months. How could anyone not love an animal that is so absolutely crazy about just seeing you? This dog just likes to be in the same room with you. The first days, she followed me everywhere. From the sink to the stove, there she was, from refrigerator to table, there she was. I've never felt so important to anyone like this. She seems to enjoy just being in our presence, what a compliment. I can once again understand the joy of dog ownership, even with all the responsibilities. Of course Cali will have to go back to her own home next week, and our home will once again be without water dishes, tennis balls on the floor and dog hair on the carpet. It will be very nice and neat, but I will miss my pooch and all her love and attention.   

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