Friday, September 9, 2011

Infrastructure Project part 1

The Infrastructure 2011-2013 part 1 has begun. We have seen workers and activity around the community.  I will update information in this space, as I attend construction meetings.  There will be information on the city website ( and I encourage residents to sign up for city notification emails.  The email notifications have been used primarily for snow emergencies and mosquito spraying but will now include updates on the infrastructure project.  If you would like this information, I encourage you to sign up on the website.  Information will also be posted on the doors of the city office and of course residents are able to contact the city office (523-2361) during business hours for information.
The contractor for part 1 is R. L. Larson from St. Cloud.  They have started work on the streets north of Highway 212 and west of 9th St. 
 First week of project will include reclaim/grinding of the streets.  The grinding will stay in place on the ground so residents are able to drive on these streets. 
 The second week of project (hopefully starting 9-12-2011), there will be bore & jack of the casing pipes under the railroad on 11th Street.
  The third week (hopefully 9-19-2011) they will start with the utility construction on 11th Street, working from Highway 212 going north.  This schedule is subject to change depending on any number of possible discoveries or events that always develop during construction.  We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding as we work to improve our cities’ infrastructure.

We are making every effort to keep residents informed on the progress of this project, but at this time part 1 is the only active construction

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