Sunday, September 18, 2011

Public Forum at city council meetings

The Olivia City Council has introduced a new agenda item to our council meetings, the Public Forum.  After signing in to the Public Forum sheet, any city resident can address the council for a maximum of 3 minutes.  The council is not required to respond to questions.  The Council may instruct city staff to determine the facts of an inquiry or situation.  The Public Forum was begun to allow residents to share their concerns about the city even if their particular item is not on the agenda.  In order for an item to be included in the city council agenda, the item should be presented to the city staff at least a week before the city council meeting.  It will be included only if there is sufficient time available at any given city council meeting.  The Public Forum will be included in each city council meeting.  In order for a resident to be included in the Public Forum they must sign in before the start of that meeting. 

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