Friday, October 28, 2011

Construction phone numbers

Construction continues on the North Side of Olivia.  Work is being done around 10th Street and Walnut.  A majority of the work has been completed on 11th Street, but curb and gutter will not be done until Spring.  I understand the difficulties some residents have encountered, so the following are a list of contractors and engineers who are on-site every weekday and can answer questions or concerns.  Please feel free to call them. 
Todd Geislinger   320-828-2607
Jason Burg    320-492-9155
Jonas Svavarsson    320-429-0131
Bruch Bayer   320-980-2521
David Palm   507-317-4925
These gentlemen are much more familiar with work at the project site than is the Olivia city office staff.

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