Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Infrastructure Update

With the weather cooperating the infrastructure project is continuing to make progress.  There are a couple of notes that residents should be aware of.   Some residents on the affective streets are being hooked up to temporary water while the mains are being replaced.  The water coming through those temporary pipes is tested and it is safe.  With the cooler weather these pipes are more susceptible to freezing so if you are using temporary water and the nighttime weather is predicted to go below freezing, please run a small amount of water, even just a drip to prevent the temporary line from freezing.  Homeowners on the temporary line are not being charged for water since it is not going through the meter.  The contractor will be delivering a letter to each affective household with phone numbers to contact them if there is a problem.  Please use those numbers if you have a question.  Residents should know that testing is done on the water lines again after hooking back to the main line. 
Let’s also remember Halloween is on a Monday night this year, so please be careful of youngsters walking around town, drive cautiously all day on Monday.  

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