Friday, December 9, 2011

Committee Members needed

It doesn’t have to be said to any Olivia resident that doing volunteer work can make you happier and even healthier, but it is true and research has shown that to be so.  Social scientist, Michael Argyle, who studied the psychology of happiness, found volunteering to be the second-greatest source of joy.  According to this study, people enjoy volunteering because it brings them together with like-minded people.  They benefit from seeing the result of their work and gaining life experiences.  Olivia residents seem willing to do what needs to be done to help out each other.  That being said, I want to share some volunteer opportunities in the city committees.  Every year there are areas the city would like citizen involvement and 2012 is no different.  The following committees have openings.  The Board of Appeals has an opening.  The committee only meets as necessary during the year.  The Community Betterment Committee has an opening.  This committee was formerly the park board and it has not had regularly scheduled meetings in the past couple of years, but it is my hope with a new city administrator we can make this a more vibrant board, find some funding and address some our recreational areas.  Finally the Technology Committee meets monthly, usually the 4th Thursday of the month at the library.  We have be discussing the updating of the city council chambers, updating the city website, cable, and social media. 
Anyone who is interested in making application to any committee must live in the City of Olivia and should stop by the city office and pick up an application or there will be available online, check under the mayor’s notes on the City of Olivia website (  

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